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Oil & Gas Services

PT. Lekom Maras built its initial business activities while establishing its first division under the name Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

This NDT Division carries out work / testing activities on an object (mining equipment, pipes and others) to find out at the same time guarantee the object being tested is in good condition, safe to use and has not exceeded the tolerance limits of material damage.

Then the Hydraulic Work Over (HWO) division offers maintenance services for oil and gas wells as well as renting heavy equipment for hydraulic workover and snubbing units.

Next the Tubular Services Division (TSD) is a division that provides tubular, casing and tubing inspection and maintenance services for mining companies.

Whereas the last division of the Construction Engineering Division (CED) provides inspection services using ROV especially water injection plans for oil and gas companies.

CED also provides labor services both national and foreign, especially in supporting the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas.

Hydraulic Work Over (HWO)

The HWO division started its activities since 1997, through this division, we offer oil and gas well maintenance with our Hydraulic Workover and Snubbing units.

HWO works on workover projects with mining companies such as:

- ConocoPhillips Indonesia Inc. Ltd.
- CnoocSes Ltd.
- Energy Star (Snapper) and others.

HWO also rents heavy equipment to mining companies, especially oil and gas companies both onshore and offshore, we have a Hydraulic Workover unit including:

- 142K Long Stroke with Super Jack,
- 142K Long Stroke with type Hydra Rig Design,
- 340K Short Stroke with Type Snubbing Hydra Rig Design,
- 460K Short Stroke with type CEEM Advanced Hydraulic Workover Unit and others.